All of our raw materials for pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals are sourced from licensed MPI inspected premises and then are further processed on premises also licensed and inspected to ensure product safety and integrity.
All of our offals and glands are available with certification and traceability, and the assurance of New Zealand quality raw ingredients and NZ's high processing standards being applied throughout.
We specialise in brain glands, placenta, eye extracts, and other glandulars, and bones.
Our ovine, equine, bovine and porcine placenta is sourced from accredited farms and our own staff run the collection, transportation and processing systems from farm gate to final product - a range of special raw ingredients produced to your specification for pharmaceutical or dietary supplements or cosmetic manufacturing.
The placenta ingredients leave our premises as raw frozen product ready for your further process to be applied.
We also supply ingredients from ovine (sheep) bovine (cow) and cervine (deer) placenta, and these are collected from the freezing works in the first instance, then transferred and further processed at our specialised premises under strict conditions.

From our specialized packhouse, located in beautiful Central Hawkes Bay, we look towards the Ruahine Ranges, Lake Hatuma and the TukiTuki Riverbed among other natural features of our region.

Agri-lab Co-Products Ltd.
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New Zealand.

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