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  • 2013  Angela Payne of Agri-lab Co-Products Ltd won the Rural Business Woman of the Year Award in the category of Manufacturing.
  • 2010 Agri-lab won the Innovations Award in the HB Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2010
  • 2006 Agri-lab won the Exporter Award in the HB Business Awards 2006
  • 2004 We won the best Agri-business Award in 2004
  • We have been finalists in various other business awards, and we are proud that our business has done so well when benchmarked against many other successful businesses.
  • We export quality products all over the world from a base in Waipukurau, New Zealand.
  • We are constantly developing new products and we welcome enquiries about potential new products, we will develop these with you to your specification and protect your markets.
  • PRODUCTS OF NOTE AT THE MOMENT (updated 17 August 2014)
  • Equine placenta is at peak harvest at the moment, and we will be busy over the next 6 months processing. Your placenta enquiry, for any species, is always welcome.
  • We collect bovine, ovine, equine, cervine and porcine placenta. We can supply it in frozen or powdered (freeze dried) or serum form.
  • We generally collect placenta to order, and because it is seasonal, we recommend that you discuss your annual requirements with us, well ahead of time, with no obligation.
  • Other products being processed at the moment include amnions for membranes, calf brains for active brain gland extracts, bovine eyes for retinal and hyaluronic acid extracts, tendons and bones, spinal cord, cartilage and synovia, pericardiums, and other glands to order.
  • The majority of our products are collected harvested and processed in New Zealand.
  • We have good stocks of Sheep Placenta Powder for dietary supplement purposes.
  • We have stocks of ox gall stones available from time to time - your interest is welcome.
  • We are always developing new dietary supplement ingredients and at the moment we are working on an Equine Placental Collagen Powder (for dietary supplement purposes) and a Bovine brain gland powder (calf origin) for natural Omega-3 sources - further enquiries for these new products (still under development) are welcome.

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