Agri-lab supplies specialized tissues, placenta, offals, organs and glands dissected and prepared to order for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies.

These tissues and glands, of animal origin, are used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, anti-aging and regenerative therapies, in both main stream and alternative therapy markets.

We supply the raw ingredients to your specification, we can help you develop the specification if required, we assess feasibility and investigate new tissues and glands that could also be useful.

Agri-lab owns 3 state-of-the-art Freeze Driers, and also various other equipment including jacketed kettles, fermenters, bandsaws, mills, mincers, ovens, chillers, freezers, and other meat and food processing equipment.

Agri-lab has been servicing this market since 1998.World-wide interest in these products is increasing and the demand for correctly prepared raw materials is growing rapidly.
From a small beginning in 1999 the demand for products increased at such a rate that in 2002 we built a specialized processing facility to streamline current production and allow the development of new products and improvements on competitors products.

Since then the packhouse has been expanded several times, with the processing space being doubled in size in 2010, and doubled again in 2014 (some extensions still under construction.)

Agri-lab now also does a lot of contract processing (including freeze drying) of various meat products, fruit and vegetable products, and other export and local market items. Please feel free to enquire, if you think we might be able to help.

Placenta sales are what we are most famous for, and we are the worlds largest processor of Placenta - for dietary supplement and cosmetic purposes - processing from natural born placenta from Sheep (Ovine), Horses (Equine), Pigs (Porcine), Cows (Bovine), and also from ex-works origin Deer (Cervine), Sheep (Ovine) and Cattle (Bovine) - all with export certification from MPI (Ministry of Primary Industries - formerly NZFSA and MAF.)

Agri-lab has won many business awards - see our News Page.


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